Starting with Why

With over 80 years of combined expertise in life, accident and health insurance product development and distribution, the principals at Insurance Innovation Partners Group (“IIP Group”) believe the time to transform this industry is now

We partner with insurance companies, distributors, affinity sponsors, TPA’s and InsurTech providers to develop relevant, innovative product designs, seamless digital application and underwriting processes and unique distribution opportunities, at scale. 

Our focus is on maximizing the value exchange between insurers, distributors and consumers – a win-win-win for all parties. 

Our Mission: Providing Individuals and Families Value and Choice​

IIP Group (and our affiliates) is committed to providing consumers with a seamless and affordable buying experience when purchasing life, accident and health protection from our partners.

A Once-in-a-lifetime Opportunity for Industry Transformation

The insurance industry is seen, both internally and externally, as the next big market for technology disruption. We prefer to use the word transformation, as we see a convergence between new innovators advancing agile, digital technology and legacy incumbents.

For Insurance Companies

Whether you are interested in entering new markets, developing new products or revamping an existing portfolio, IIP Group provides the experience and leadership to develop actionable strategies for your company. Not only do we develop innovative products for niche markets, we have extensive distribution capabilities in traditional insurance brokerage markets as well as with specialty distributors including, Financial Institutions, Associations and Affinity groups. We design competitive products that deliver new sustainable growth, improved profitability and dramatically impact your target markets.

For Distributors

Do you envision developing a niche product for a market opportunity? Interested in entering a new distribution channel? IIP Group has extensive relationships with Carriers, TPA’s and Re-Insurer’s that can support a proprietary product development project. In addition, we provide integrated marketing programs which include utilizing InsurTech-based digital lead generation, application and underwriting technologies as well as online, email, call center and direct mail resources to ensure new programs are effective and profitable.

Filling The Biggest Need in InsurTech: Domain Expertise

Recent surveys and a myriad of publications suggest that insurers are most worried about Big Tech companies disrupting the industry (aka the Uberization of the insurance business). In principle, these firms have the financial strength, technological expertise and customer-centric focus to offer a serious competitive challenge to incumbent insurers. However, the element missing from many Big Tech companies is the insurance domain expertise required for critical functions that support mundane tasks such: underwriting, pricing, capital management, legal, regulatory, customer experience optimization and claims.  Enter IIP Group (Insurance Innovation Partners Group).

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